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    Expert commercial demolition services on the Gold Coast & Brisbane

    There is a lot more to commercial demolition than simply taking down a structure. When carried out correctly, every measure is taken to preserve materials or parts. Here at Ascot demolition, our expert services involve the deconstruction of a structure or building by manually or mechanically reducing it to its base components, by the use of specialised hydraulic machinery.

    Commercial Demolition by the professionals

    Our highly skilled operatives utilise many different methods in the licensed demolition works that they carry out. We utilise platforms, cranes, excavators, and other large equipment, dependent upon the unique specifics of each situation.

    Planning and preparation

    Prior to any demolition project, our team of demolition experts will prepare workplace outline method statements and risk assessments for the planned processes. We will also inform you of the sequence of events and anticipated timescales likely to be involved.

    No matter how large or small the demolition project at hand, we will be happy to provide no-obligation free quotes and expert advice. We will also ensure that any work carried out not only meets with, but exceeds your expectations.

    Demolition by qualified operatives

    You can rest assured that we will only assign staff with the all of the necessary qualifications, dedication and experience required to work efficiently, and minimize any potential risks.

    If there are any hazardous materials involved, we will liaise with the appropriate agencies regarding issues of health and safety and dangerous waste recovery.

    We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously, and every job we undertake adheres to the Environmental Protection Act. As such, all of our demolition operations are completed with no impact on the environment whatsoever.

    We are fully committed to ensuring that all of our workplace practices adhere to all health and safety legislation, and our employees are fully trained in all safe methods of demolition work.

    Our expert team will provide all the necessary scaffolding and safety equipment for the demolition of the building or structure, and they are always meticulous in the cleaning up of the site after any demolition project. We are equipped with the latest machinery, which is more than able to carry out full and partial demolition jobs with the utmost efficiency and safety.

    Contact us today for a friendly chat about your commercial demolition requirements and we will endeavour to provide the best possible solution for you.

    Call us now on  07 3807 0205   for a highly competitive quote.

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