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    Expert asbestos removal services on the Gold Coast & Brisbane

    When a block of land is polluted or contaminated, site remediation is required to render the land suitable for redevelopment. The team here at Ascot Demolition are experts in all aspects of site remediation.

    Pollutants or contaminants come in many different forms that may be harmful to humans, birds, wildlife or the environment. The soil, water and air may be affected, and the site may require remediation before any other work can proceed.

    Contaminants and pollutants may have been caused by:

    • Industrial waste
    • By-products from manufacturing
    • Chemical spillage
    • Burnt out houses
    • Asbestos in need of removal
    • Underground fuel tanks either leaking or being decommissioned

      Acid sulphate soils

      Acid Sulphate soils are found in areas near mangrove swamps, brackish and tidal areas, low-lying coastal areas, swamps and wetlands.

      Here at Ascot Demolition we can organise for soil and water tests to be carried out on the site. We are then able to determine the extent of contamination and decide on the best remedial solution for each specific situation.

      All of our work practices fully comply with the Environment Protection Act, including the removal of any asbestos (bonded and friable) from the site, all as per the code of practice for the safe removal of asbestos (NOHSC) 2002 (2005).

      We have more than eighteen years of experience in the field of specialised demolition and earthworks industries.

      From our base in Stapylton, we operate extensively throughout the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas. We are a leading company in the excavation business, and we pride ourselves on consistently delivering quality work on time and within budget.

      Asbestos removal

      We are fully licensed for the removal of asbestos and any other toxic materials. Such work requires highly trained personnel with up-to-date knowledge of the safest asbestos removal operating procedures. Therefore, all of our asbestos removal work is strictly controlled by the latest health and safety guidelines and appropriate legislation.

      With many years of experience, we are extremely well placed to ensure that the required standards for asbestos removal are adhered to during the removal of any material from the sites we work on. We use the latest technology and equipment to deal with any analysis, removal, and the disposal of asbestos material and other potentially hazardous materials.

      Over the years, our team has been involved in many asbestos removal projects, and we have built up a great reputation with our customers as a result.

      As licensed asbestos removers, we take our health and safety responsibilities very seriously indeed, and all of our employees are rigorously trained to ensure they have the necessary skills and education to maintain workplace health and safety.

      Our personnel are extremely experienced in asbestos removal, so you can sit back and relax while we quickly and efficiently remove the unwanted asbestos from your home or workplace.

      We can provide an unrivalled asbestos removal service in the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas that is second to none in terms of efficiency and price. With so many years of invaluable experience, Ascot Demolition can solve unexpected problems and unforeseen environmental issues quickly and efficiently.

      Where possible, we will do everything possible to save our clients’ valuable time and money, and avoid any potentially costly delays.

      If you think you may have an asbestos problem in your building, contact the friendly team here at Ascot Demolition today and let us help you solve what can sometimes be a very tricky and expensive problem.

      Call us now for prompt remediation and asbestos removal services on  07 3807 0205 

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